Cynthia Nicholas 1978-1992

Cynthia Nicholas was the first person to complete 6-19 crossings.

Cynthia Nicholas

Cynthia Nicholas at Shakespeare Beach, Dover, prior to the start of a 2 way crossing.

Cynthia Nicholas, Audrey, Cindy and Ray Scott

Mr and Mrs Nicholas, Audrey Scott, Cindy and Ray Scott at the entrance to Sunnybank.

Cynthia Ncholas being greased by her mother

Cindy being greased by her Mother prior to the start of the 1977 International race.

Cynthia Nicholas after swim

Cynthia Nicholas Folkestone Town Hall

Cindy Nicholas at Folkestone Town Hall.

Cynthia Nicholas receiving Derek Turner Trophy Cynthia Nicholas receiving Derek Turner Trophy

Cynthia Nicholas receiving the Derek Turner “Queen of the Channel®” Trophy from the Mayor of Folkestone.